Group exhibitions


2012 Group Exhibition “ Oh Opal” Studio 20/17 Sydney. Part B.

2012 Group Exhibition “Emotive” at the Goldsmiths Gallery San Remo. Vic

2012 Group Exhibition “Oh Opal” Redox Gallery Geelong. Group Exhibition Part B

2011 Group Exhibition, Annual Gold & silversmiths Guild of Australia Show, Ken Gray Alistair Reid Gallery,Melbourne

2011 “Lend Me Your Ears, Curated by Dianne Beevers +Part B. Mailbox 141, Melbourne

2011 “Egyptian Revival Exhibition” Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia Exhibition, Gray Reid Gallery, Melbourne.

2010 “21st Birthday Exhibition” Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia, Gray Reid Gallery   Melbourne.

2009 Opal Jewellery Design Awards, QBOA Winton, Queensland

2009 Lightning Ridge Opal Festival & IOJDAA Jewellery Awards

2008 Craft Council Professional Members Exhibition

1999 J.M.G.V. Group Exhibition East Melbourne

1998 “Artists represented at Makers Mark for 20 Years.” Makers Mark.  

1998 “Australian Craft Showcase” Caulfield Arts Centre.

1992 Red Hill Art Show

1988 Exhibition Makers Mark

1987 Christmas Exhibition, Beavers Canberra.

1986 Northern Territory Craft Event Darwin

1986 “Craft Expo” – Centre Point, Sydney

1986 “Alice Springs Craft Award”- Alice Springs.

1986 “Red Hill Art Show”

 1986 “Broome Pearl Festival” Broome, Western Australia

1986 Makers Mark Melbourne

1986 First Settlement Gallery, Sorrento.

1985 “Australian Craft Show“ Sydney

1985 “Christmas Exhibition” Craft Council of NSW.

1985 Makers Mark Exhibition

1985 Red Hill Art Show

1985 “Australian Crafts” Meat Market Craft Centre.

1985 Queen Victoria Medical Centre

1985 Craft Link Gallery Melbourne.

1985 Christmas Exhibition Beavers Canberra.

1984 “Brooches” Makers Mark.

1983 “Australian Crafts Exhibition” Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne.

1982 Darwin Arts Festival, Darwin.

1982 Adelaide Royal Show, Adelaide.

1982 Exhibition. Studio Papilio. Eltham. Victoria.

1982 “Australian Crafts” Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne.

1981 Group Exhibition AMP, Melbourne.

1980 Caulfield Arts Centre.

1979 Group Exhibition ANZ. Melbourne.

1979 Makers Mark, Melbourne.